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Wintertime in the Norwegian mountains

Season: week 7, 10 and 11 

5 days: Arrival at Monday – Departure Friday

- Experience Norwegian winter from the back of a horse

- Riding trips in loose snow

- Horse riding in the moonlight

- Close to Norwegian nature and the national park

- On tour – we will be lighting a fire, barbeque and storytelling

- Increase your riding skills with riding lessons

- This is ideal for stable clubs/riding groups who are interested in developing as riders,

- We have sevral horses, so it is a godd opportunity to try different horses.

We have focus on small groups, which are easy to adapt (max 8 pcs).

Price: NOK 9650,-

Early spring in the Mountains

Learn to handle young horses and take part in pasture release
Season: week 24 

5 days: Monday – Friday

- Join us for the "finishing touches" on the young horses before they are released on summer pasture. You will take part in the preperation of the yong horses before they will be let out in the montains for the summer. 

– Horse ranch/farm stay. Experience some days as a Ranch worker

– Horse handling - young horses

- Be part of the pack - Unique opportunity to study horse behavior - equine psychology

– Daily horse riding tours

-Small exclusive groups. Individuals and groups with knowledge and interest for the horse.

Price: NOK 9650,-

Autumn magic on the mountain

Season week 35 and 36

5 days: Monday – Friday

-Join us on long horseback rides in the great mountains nearby.

-Ride to high peaks in the area and experience the magical fall. The colours are great this time of year and the air is clean and nice.

-Guides with experience and education in both horses and mountains will guide you. We will show you some amazing places and give you some nice memories of these fabulous Norwegian mountains. Here w can drink water form the streams, pick berries in the wild and maby we will see wild
reindeers, musk ox or moose.

- We will find the right horse for each rider.We see rider and horse in interaction, and we will give you the help you need with the gates.

Price: NOK 9650,-

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