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Program for the week on the Farm

Arrival before Lunch at 13.00
We will give you a warm welcome and we will show you to your room and give you av quick tour of the farm.
After lunch we saddle the horses, and go on a half day ride.
( 2-3 hours in the saddle)

Breakfast at 09.00.
You have to make a "Norwegian lunch- packet" and bring it for lunch.
We go on a full day ride and will enjoy a coffee- break and some lunch outside, in the middle of the day.

Dinner at 19.00

After breakfast we saddle the horses, and go on a half day ride.
Lunch - time at 14.00

Breakfast 09.00
We saddle the horses and go out riding. We will use the entire day.
Lunch will be enjoyed outside.
Dinner at Kvistli 19.00

Breakfast 09.00
We go for a half-day ride, and today we only ride before lunch.
The time after lunch is resting time for the horses.
Now it is possible to take a walk on the field, and sit with the herd, and se how they naturally interact with each other, or maby you want to go for a walk.
Dinner 19.00

Breakfast 09.00This is the last full day of riding.
We will enjoy it to the fullest!!
We will eat dinner at 19.00

After breakfast it is time to go on a last short ride.
Lunch at 14.00.
Departure after lunch.

Hope you had a nice stay, and that we will see you again!!

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