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Practical information

Number of participants
The number of participants varies from trip to trip.
We are rarely more than 10-15 people in attendance. If we get more, we divide into groups by experience. This allows everyone to ride at the pace that suits them best.

Age limits
There is no age limit on ordinary farm stays, as long as children are accompanied by adults.
Youth under 18 years old may in some cases come alone by arrangement with us.
Theme tours in the mountains such as the Høyfjellsrittet have an 18-year limit, but in some cases we can bring young people along with adults.
Youth week applies to those between 10 and 17 years.

The horses are equipped with Icelandic horse rooms or all-round rooms with large ointments.
Everyone gets to borrow a helmet.

Glasses, telephones, camera / video and other equipment that you bring along, we cannot replace if it breaks.
It is your own resonsebility.

Equipment list can be found under this text.
If you are going on a farm stay, you pack as much as you want.
When participating in themed mountain outings we encourage everyone to pack  as little as possible.

Some days you have to carry your luggage in saddle bags on your own horse and some days you carry your luggage by car.
Feel free to ask us how it is planned for the tour you are going to attend.


We will be riding high up in the mountains, so bring warm and comfortable clothes with you. Although it is summertime, it can still get freezing cold in the mountains. Especially at nights. At times we will be trekking 1000 m above sea levels. Even though some summer days can get very warm, it can change in an instant. You have to pack for all seasons!

•             Hat/cap, scarf and mittens

•             Wool socks

•             Long johns/underpants (Wool)

•             Solid riding clothes and waterproof clothing

•             Riding or hiking boots (high/above ankle)

•             Towel and toiletries (wet wipes)

•             Swimwear

•             Slippers, crocs, and such

•             Camera

•             Snacks, candy, wine, cider, beer, etc. (we serve tea, coffee and water/lemonade)

•             In addition you need regular clothes to wear while staying at Kvistli Gård.

•             Good mood!

You can take a train or bus to Hjerkinn. We pick up all our guests free of charge at the train station / bus station at Hjerkinn

Helmet is required for riders under the age of 18, but with us we want everyone to ride a helmet regardless of age.

Helmet you can borrow from us. We also have free loan of safety vest for children.

Submit a written application by mail or email.

The registration must include the following:

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