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It is possible to book riding trips on short notice. 

As long as we have capasity, we try to make sure you can get a lovely experience with our beautiful icelandic horses. 

We offer:

For small children, horseback riding on a leash: 

Some grooming of the horse, before getting a little tour on the horseback while being held on a leash. 

One hour trip:

Riding lesson on the track w/ an instructor: 

Halfday trip: 
3 hours + preparation of the horses before and after the trip.

Full day trip: 6 hours, with an hour break in the middle of the day to eat lunch. Bring some food.

Kr. 300,- pr.pers.

Kr. 600,- pr.pers.

Kr. 600,- pr. pers.

Kr. 950,- pr.pers.

Kr. 1250,- pr.pers.

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