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Bli med på eventyr når vi besøker fantastiske seterdaler, rester av gammel gruvedrift, krysser elver og rir gjennom majestetisk furuskog. Vi bestiger topper i området, rir over langstrakte vidder og tølter gjennom frodig bjørkeskog.  


3 Day Riding Trip

Date: 10.-12.august

This is a shorter version of the 6-day trip "The Mountain Race".

We spend three days in one of Europe's most mountainous areas. The trip takes you over the great plains and eastern regions of Norway to Grimsdalen. In the beautiful valleys of Grimsdalen, carved out during the last ice age, lays the traditional summer farms that are still run in the old historic way. On this trip, we will enjoy riding amongst grazing sheep, cattle, and horses that roam freely in the mountains.

From Grimsdalen, we will ride across a highly varied terrain which will include a fantastic view of Rondane, the oldest national park in Norway. Nowadays, Rondane is one of Europe’s last remaining herds of original wild reindeer.

Accommodations: Kvistli Ranch and cabins, including shower and bathroom. 

"Horse-gathering" in the mountains

Date: 4. - 6. September and 11.- 13. September  
Price: NOK 5950,-

We invite you on an extraordinary trip, where the interaction between people and animals is essential, as well as the cowboy factor high. 
We wil ride over to Grimsdalen to bring our young horses home from the summer pastures in the valley. We aslo give a helping hand to the cow farmers in the area, who will also be bringing their livestock home from the mountaints. 

This is a wonderful and exciting experience! 

Accommodations: Cottages, including shower and bathroom. 

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