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We have 2 cabins for rent on the farm:

Mast Stua

Price: 2000 NOK per day ( 5-6 people)
+ Kr. 500, - for cleaning

The cabin contains kitchenette w / stove, kitchen sink with sink and fridge.
There are opportunities for self-catering.
Separate rooms for toilet and shower, with tiled floors.
Cozy living room in the middle of the cabin with wood stove.
One bedroom with a family bunk and a regular bunk.
In addition, there is a loft with sleeping space over the kitchen.
Outside the cottage there is a spacious veranda.

"Hønhuset- the henhouse"

Price: Kr. 250, - per person per day
 (room for 2 persons, possibly 3 )

Uninsulated log cabin with lots of charm.
Many people ask to stay here year after year.
As some "henhouse" guests say, "it's the closest thing to being outdoors, without being outside." You sleep very well there.
There is no shower or toilet here, so you use the facility that is in the main house or in the stable.

Sist oppdatert 13.01.2020 kl. 15:00

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